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Licensed Mississippi Polygraph Examiner. A Veteran Owned Business.

The Polygraph Theory

The Polygraph is based on theory that when telling a lie, an examinee will respond physiologically because of fear of detection.

The Polygraph's Accuracy

The effectiveness of the polygraph examination, to a large extent, will be based upon the thoroughness of the investigation, prior to having the person take the examination

The Polygraph Test

To maximize the effectiveness of the polygraph examination, the persons involved in developing and/or presenting the case information should work together as a team.


Basic Uses of a Polygraph

Polygraph is very useful in private investigations. Polygraph can assess aspects of cases that is usually not available through other means of detection.


Relationship Testing.

Extensive experience in assisting individuals get to the ground truth concerning allegations of infidelity. Don’t let a false allegation cause friction in your relationship. Clayton Polygraph Services specializes in relationship testing.


Criminal Allegations.

Experience in resolving cases regarding criminal conduct and clearing the wrongfully accused. Many people are under the misconception that you cannot get polygraph into court. The Judge is the gatekeeper on any evidence coming into to his or her court. Mr. Clayton has had his polygraph results approved by a Mississippi Judge for admissibility in a Circuit Court Case.


Employee Theft.

As an employer, if you have had an incident involving some economic loss where you are needing to get to know the truth, give us an opportunity to aid you in resolving your investigation. Our examiners have extensive experience in solving criminal investigations with the use of polygraph. All of our examiners are law enforcement trained polygraph examiners. There are certain federal exemptions that allow an employer to request his employees to take a polygraph as part of ongoing investigation. Please give us a call for further information.


About Clayton Polygraph

Licensed Mississippi Polygraph Examiner.
A Veteran Owned Business.

David J. Clayton is a Certified Polygraph Examiner licensed to conduct polygraph examinations in the State of Mississippi. A former detective with Hattiesburg Police Department. Mr. Clayton has 17 years experience in investigations. Mr. Clayton is a graduate of Texas Department of Public Safety Law Enforcement Polygraph School located in Austin, Texas. Mr. Clayton is a graduate of William Carey College located in Hattiesburg, Mississippi where he obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology. Mr. Clayton has spent the majority of his law enforcement career as a police detective. As a law enforcement professional, Mr. Clayton has conducted polygraph exams dealing with criminal violations of State Law. He has assisted in cases concerning embezzlement, theft or burglary, rape, child abuse and murder. He has assisted with Internal Affairs complaints for local law enforcement.

I have extensive experience in conducting polygraph related assessments as a part of psycho-sexual evaluations for clients under treatment for sex addiction and/or drug and alcohol addiction.

Employee Testing must follow strict guidelines of EPPA

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