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The Polygraph Theory

The Polygraph is based on theory that when telling a lie, an examinee will respond physiologically because of fear of detection.

The Polygraph's Accuracy

The effectiveness of the polygraph examination, to a large extent, will be based upon the thoroughness of the investigation, prior to having the person take the examination

The Polygraph Test

To maximize the effectiveness of the polygraph examination, the persons involved in developing and/or presenting the case information should work together as a team.


About Us

David J Clayton formed Clayton Polygraph Services LCC in 2005 after numerous requests to conduct private examinations in the Hattiesburg-Laurel Mississippi area. Mr. Clayton conducted his business part-time up until 2013. In 2013, Mr Clayton left the Hattiesburg Police Department to pursue full time career in his investigative business. Mr Clayton started his law enforcement career in 1997 with the Hattiesburg Police Department. Mr Clayton was selected for Detectives in 2000. In Detectives, he worked in both Property Crimes and Person’s Crimes units. In those units he investigated various crimes from burglaries, aggravated assaults, rapes, and murders. He also worked numerous child crimes including chid murder. He was selected to go to Polygraph school in 2003. He attended Texas Department of Public Safety Law Enforcement Polygraph School located in Austin, Texas Mr. Clayton is also a member of the Mississippi Army National Guard where he has served honorable for over 22 years. He is currently the rank of Captain.

Clayton Polygrah Services aslo offers Private Investigation Services in the Hattieburg-Laurel Mississippi area. The Private Investigators used by Clayton Polygraph Services are highly trained current and former law enforcement officers.

Clayton Polygraph Services, LLC has been conducting polygraph related to monitoring the following behaviors since 2006; Drug Abuse, Alcohol Abuse, or Sex Addiction. Mr. Clayton has an extensive list of professional references consisting of Psychologists, Pychiatrist and Medical Doctors who have used my professional services. Mr. Clayton is certified to conduct Post-Convict Sex Offender Testing by American Polygraph Association.

Mr. Clayton after serving as the Secretary/Treasurer fot Mississippi Association of Polygraph Examiners(MAPE) for approximately 5 years 3 months was voted in as President of MAPE on August 13, 2014. MAPE os a non-profit organization made up of current law enforcement professionas from multiple state agencies, local police departments, local sheriff’s departments and private sector examiners. MAPE is commited to providing professional polygraph services to Mississippi. MAPE conducts training seminars to improve the knowledge of examiners and offer inexpensive continuing education credits to aide examiners in their licensure requirements.

Clayton Polygraph Services, LLC is committed to offering quality professional polygraph services that are in compliance with the laws of Mississippi and Federal Government. Give us the oppurtunity to earn your business.

Employee Testing must follow strict guidelines of EPPA

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